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AMPED Medical Conferences     ABN 66 615 520 682     PO Box 2078 Dee Why 2099, Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Conferencing Dates: 3 - 8 November 2019

Registration: $660 AUD

For information regarding travel costs and package details,

please contact: Janine at ATOLL TRAVEL 1800 622 310 

or email:

In very few other professional forums does the opportunity exist for delegates to not only hear from experts in their own fields, but from experts from fields other than their own.


They include, Emergency Medicine,  Anaesthetics, Intensive Care, Mental Health, Surgery, Dentistry, Research, Physiotherapy, Radiology/Radiography, Pharmacology, Optometry, Paramedicine, Nursing and more.


A community Healthcare Clinic is very close to our lodge. In advance, we thank our generous delegates for committing to make regular visits to the clinic

which is greatly appreciated by the people of Roti Island.