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Emergency & Medical Care Conferences

Since 1997, AMPED have organised over 60 international Emergency, Medical and Allied Health

related conferences in outstanding locations throughout the world. Our delegates have the

opportunity to exercise, network, relax and enjoy the vast array of activities that each venue has to offer.

The schedule of our presentations allows our delegates to get the most out of their free time. 

 The concept and format of our conferences has been universally well received. Delegates that

attend enjoy evidence-based presentations, delivered by experts from diverse backgrounds

in Medicine, Paramedicine and other Allied Health professions. The relaxed setting and informal

nature of the conference encourages interactive audience participation. 

ACEM Approval

When the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine applications open in November,

AMPED will be applying to have the conference approved for 25 ACEM CPD hours’ 


Registration Refund Policy

AMPED will be accepting registration payments from December 2021.

Furthermore, AMPED will refund in full any registration payment due

to cancellation, whether it is COVID related or not. 

Professional Development at its Very Best!

“The best conditions for learning, collaboration and new insights involve a rich blend of

exercise, fun, collegiality and friendship.  New knowledge and synthesis from true experts

in the field shared in an informal setting is an effortless way to learn.”

Professor Patrick McGorry

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Japan  2022 & 2023
Maldives  2022 & 2023
New Zealand  2022

White Paint

06 - 11 MARCH


Mental Health


Rusutsu Resort | Hokkaido



The Rusutsu E.&M.C.C. is approved

for 25 ACEM CPD hours

 13 - 18 MARCH


Emergency & Medical Care


Rusutsu Resort | Hokkaido


08 - 13  JANUARY

2023 Hokkaido

Mental Health


Kiroro Resort | Hokkaido

15 - 20  JANUARY

2023 Rusutsu

Emergency & Medical Care


Rusutsu Resort | Hokkaido

 12 - 17  FEBRUARY


Emergency & Medical Care



Past Speakers - Hokkaido Mental Health Conferences

Professor Patrick McGorry AO | Professor John Kane (USA) 

Professor Ian Hickie AM | Eric Chen (Hong Kong)

Professor Timothy Carey | Sung Wan Kim (South Korea)

Professor Deborah Rickwood | Professor Masafumi Mizuno (Japan)

Professor Paul Amminger | Professor Kuan-Pin Su (Taiwan)  

Professor Young Chul Chung (Korea) | Professor Max Birchwood (UK)

Professor Andrew Thompson (UK) | Professor Philippe Conus (Switzerland)

Ass Professor Anthony Joseph | Professor Akira Sawa (Japan)

Ass Professor Sally McCarthy | Professor Takahiro Nemoto (Japan)

Dr Cherry Hui-Chih Chang (Taiwan) Dr Nao Katagiri (Japan)

Dr Antony Henderson | Dr Takashi Uchino (Japan)

Ms Lee Valentine | Rosie Forster | Ms Ashley Garrett (USA)

Ms Jill Davidson | Mindi Amberson (USA) | Ms Leah Simmons (USA)


White Paint
Under the Sea



24 - 29 April


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort

24 - 29 July


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort

25 - 30 Sept


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort

23 - 28 Oct


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort

30 April - 05 May


11 - 16 June


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort



Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort


20 - 25 Aug

01 - 07 Oct


Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort



Emergency & Medical Care


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort


 Water Bungalows

Past Speakers - Emergency & Medical Care Conferences



Maldives - Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort | Japan - Rusutsu Resort

West Timor - Nemberala | PNG, Vanimo | Australia - Melbourne

Professor Patrick McGorry AO | Professor Paul Woodgate | Professor Michael Rowbotham (USA)

Professor Bruce Neal | Professor Chris Rowe | Professor Daniel Fitzpatrick | Professor Deb Hodgson

Professor Bill Walter | Professor Sushil Kumar Singh (India) | Professor Kashi Nath Prasad (India)

Professor Anna Holdgate | Professor Michael Baigent | Professor Glenn Marshall AM

Professor Michael O’Riordain (Ireland)

Ass Professor Sally McCarthy | Ass Professor Anthony Joseph | Ass Professor Mark Gillett

Ass Professor Robert Eisenberg | Ass Professor Mark Sywak | Ass Professor Ashok Kumar

Ass Professor Sandeep Sahu (India) | Ass Professor Ashish Kumar Kannaujia (India)

Ass Professor Ankur Luthra (India) | Ass Professor Shyam Charan Meena (India)

Ass Professor Rajeev Chauhan (India) | Ass Professor Stuart Schneider 

Ass Professor Cliff Reid | Ass Professor Dan Ellis | Ass Professor Stephen Asha

 Ass Professor Brian Burns | Ass Professor Nantawarn Kitikannakorn (Thailand)

Ass Professor Luke Jardine | Ass Professor Michael Neil | Ass Professor Allan Molloy

Dr Antony Henderson | Dr Simon Leslie | Dr Glenn Fuller | Dr Frank Spruce | Dr Bill Wyndham

Dr Al Stephens | Dr James Kerr | Dr Peter Roger | Dr Richard Stark | Dr Peter Cooke | Dr Raf Gabrial

Dr Michael Breakspear | Dr Sam Bennett | Dr Michael Branley | Dr Shane Maloney | Dr Bill Jones (USA)

Dr Rob Way | Dr Gerhardt Schmidt | Dr Anthony Freeman | Dr Tom Fallon | Dr Matthew Davis

Michael Stone | Dr Heidi Webster | Dr Robert Chapman | Dr Andrew Hedges |  Dr Richard Babor (NZ)

Dr Michael Summers | Dr John Arneil | Dr Sean Kelly | Dr David Engel | Dr Mark Winder | Dr Phil Allin

Dr Chris Morrissey | Dr Carol Stevenson | Dr Greg Pearson | Dr James Leitch I Dr James Linklater

John Crock | Dr Robert McCrossin | Dr James Mulvey | Dr Linton Meagher | Dr Mark Scurrah

Dr Tim Connolly | Tom Vandeleur | Dr Garry Wells | Dr Cameron Hunt | Ron Gallenmore (USA)

Dr Michael Hayes | Dr Craig Hore ) | Dr Paul O'Brien | Dr Tony Fitzpatrick | Dr Robert Speers (USA

Dr Ruth Baigent | Dr Alex Tzannes | Dr Sasha Campbell | Dr Michael Warhurst | Dr Jeremy Pallot

Dr Ian Keith | Dr Peter Watt | Dr Alex Baker | Dr Patrick Liston | Dr Bruce Coppa | Dr Fergal McCourt

Dr Matthew Healy | Dr Shaun McGrath | Dr Patrick Oakley | Dr Shakeel Hussein (Maldives)

Dr Ulrike Schmidt | Dr Frank Schultheiss | Dr Sasha Campbell | Dr Geoff Stewart | Dr Ben McDonald 

Dr John Carruthers | Dr Peter Cooke | Dr Peter Braun | Dr Belinda Shulman | Dr John Mahoney (UK)

Dr Shaun Zail | Dr John O'Neill | Dr Andrew Broadhurst | Dr Mark Brycki | Dr Ian Incoll | Dr John Wai

Dr Bill Johnston | Dr Eliot Roach | Dr Claude Cicchini | Dr Geoff Booth | Dr Einar Akanes (Norway)

Dr Anthony Sams | Dr Diane Pacey | Dr David Johnston | Dr Colin Massie | Dr Charles Chodorow (USA)

Dr John Jorgensen | Dr Alistair D'Vaz | Dr Richard Ferch | Dr Sean Williams | Dr Joshua McNamara

Dr Anna Pedersen | George Pitsis | Dr William Maclaurin | Dr Jeremy O'Dea | Dr Andrew Bowker (NZ)

Dr David Duckworth | Dr Vera Kinzel | Dr Mark Smith | Dr Andrew Taylor | Dr Alexander Booth

Dr Christopher Dunkley | Dr Jason Wright | Dr Richard Simpson | Gunnar Schaaf (Germany)

Dr Mark Harris | Michael Atherton | Dr Richard Ferch | Dr Jodie Marshall | Dr Gail Pearson (NZ)

Dr Bruce Lachter | Dr Nicola Brycki | Dr James Cameron | Dr David Martin | Dr Richard Lucas

Dr Inken Martin | Dr Dianne Pacey | Dr Chloe Keightley | Dr Scott McKenzie | Mr Robert Pinzone

 Dr Penelope Jeaffreson | Dr Maximilian Benness | Dr David Fabinyi | Dr David Sillar | Dr Roger Pye 

Dr Isabella Sillar | Craig Taylor | Dr Mark Bartsch | Dr John Watson | | Dr Marcus Chia | Dr Richard Oak

Dr David Jenkins Mark Shulman | Dr John Slaven | Dr Samuel Gartland | Indu Lata (India)

Dr Donald Hannam | Dr Stephen Middleton | Dr Timothy Lukins | Dr Khurram Khan (USA)

Dr Joshua Holden | Dr Perry Fabian | Dr Melanie Webb | Dr Michael Prowse | Dr Bruce Coleman

Dr Nicholas Roberts | Dr Shweta Kumar | Dr Nilshan Ariyaratha | Dr Morgan McCourt (Ireland)

Dr Rajesh Harsvardhan | Dr Daniel Brown | Dr Piers Butler | Dr Matthew Richardson | Dr Tim Byrne

Dr Gerard Taylor | Dr Max Hoshino | Dr Carissa Oh | Dr Gunnar Hermannsson Nielsen (Iceland)

Dr John Procter | Dr Robert  Buckland | | Stuart Baines | Dr Yashvi Wimalasena | Trevor Kelebi (PNG)

Dr John Sturm | Dr Frank Schultheiss | Dr Chris White | Dr Cliff Fairly | Dr Matthew Hewitt (Ireland)

Dr Simone Moore | Dr Neil Ballard | Dr Karel Habig | Dr Cameron Altman | Dr James Milligan

Dr Simon Thibault | Dr Mark Millar | Dr Brett Collins | Dr Nicholas Crampton | Dr Enjarn Lin

Dr Cameron Graydon | Dr Gary Persley | Dr Daniel Goldbloom | Dr Martin Sher | Dr Stefan Mazur

Dr Donovan Dwyer | Dr Michelle Harrison | Dr Irfaan Jetha | Dr Stuart Hoffman | Dr Ivor Cammack

Dr Jorgensen Hellman | Dr Sophia Tzannes | Dr Craig Daniel | Dr John Milross | Dr Mhousci Scanlan

Dr Greg Hackman | Dr Satyen Gohil | Dr Rajiv Gupta | Dr Anju Rani | Dr Izhar Ahmed (Maldives)


Mr Andrew Dix AM | Mr Steve Titus | Mr Michael Byrnes | Mr Chris Iredale | Mr David Moor

Mr Michael Evans | Mr Bob McElhenny | Mr Bob Davies | Mr Tony Hussein Hinde (Maldives)

Mr Bill Barker | Mr Geoff Times | Mr Oliver Aleman | Mr John Petrie | Esmerelda Gallenmore (USA)

Mr Paul Seward | | Mr Tony Giurissevich | Justice Hilary Hannam | Mr Roland Murcott

Mr Michael Corbett | Ms Danielle Loveless | Mr Peter Chapman | Mr Matt Vignes | Mr Derek Ford

Ms Carolyn Watt | Ms Susie O'Neill OAM | Mr Paul Featherstone | Mr Paul Cooke | Ms Alicia Jackson

Ms Anna Hackett | Mr Ben Fitzpatrick | Mr Stephen Hoole | Mr Dara Rasheed (Maldives)

Mr Ben Corso | Tim Skate | Betty Ivanoff | Lisa Nolan | Mr Hugh Russell | Mr Liam McKay

Ms Lailani Burra | Mrs Rae Roberts | Mrs Sarah Court | Mrs Lorili Jacobs | Mr Iboo Areef (Maldives)

Mr Andrew Thwaites | Mrs Janelle Vignes | Mr James Winder | Mr Daniel Toohey | Ms Sally Charles

Mr James Brown | Mr Adam Murray | Mr Brian McKenzie | Mr Ben Robin | Captain Brendon Balin

| Ms Amanda Berry |




 29 August  -  02 September

New Zealand

Emergency & Medical Care Conference

Wanaka Hotel - Wanaka NZ

For additional information about this conference -